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Edie Vaughan: Bio

Edie Vaughan's music is a little retro with a new twist. She ties up her sound with rock, country and pop melodies. Her lyrics and delivery are heartfelt. Her songs cover themes about good love and love gone bad to paying homage to everyday heroes. She does not confine herself to one single genre.

I Love to write songs!
I have been writing lyrics and poems since I was 12 years old. Recently I decided to put my fears away, put my money down and walked into a music recording studio in Virginia to put music to the written words and melodies that have been dancing around in my head for so long."

EYES SHUT TIGHT, my debut EP is the result of this experimental project.

I am an unsigned artist willing to collaborate with other singers and musicians.

I am from Los Angeles, California, Mexico, El Paso, Austin, and from Washington, D.C. these are the places in my life where I have been tested, molded and influenced. Therefore my music influences vary from rock to country to latin to pop.

I am an ex TV news producer, and on-camera reporter who spent her 16-year career in Washington covering The White House, elections, wars, presidential scandals, the 9/11 terrorist attacks, Congress, visiting dignitaries, some Hollywood celebrities and everything in between that called for a Washington reaction. I have traveled to Geneva Switzerland to cover the annual world conference on Human Rights, to the Dominican Republic to report on Pope John Paul II's visit to that nation, and to New York for Fidel Castro's speech before the United Nation's General Assembly. I worked primarily for the the Telemundo - NBC Network but I also covered news for Univision, Reuter's News Service, Paramount Entertainment, the then US Information Agency and Fox News.

My focus now is music.

Here's my first stab at putting it out in public.
Look for more to come.

In music the passions enjoy themselves. (Friedrich Nietzsche)

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